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Our current bestseller is Cyber Security Awareness Course

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Sexual Harassment In The Workplace


The subtle and grey areas of this notoriously difficult subject matter are explored in the 10 minute episodes of this drama about a company team building event that reveals more than it was ever intended to. Assessment questions emerging from the episodes centre on the rights and responsibilities of both employees and employers.

  • Functional area: Employee management, HR
  • Key concepts: Sexual harassment training
  • Customisation: High Definition, Custom quality, Localisation, Branding
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Cyber Security Awareness Training


Based around a three part drama, this course examines essential learning for entry level cybersecurity. Recently promoted at work, our hero posts her new job on LinkedIn, unaware that hackers are targeting exactly that sort of post. She gets hit with a ransomware attack on her new work laptop last thing on Friday and has the weekend to try to sort things out with the help of her old boyfriend who is something of a geek - which causes some discomfort for her current boyfriend … who isn’t. This is one of our best sellers - including a mandated roll out for one of the four big banks to all global employees.

  • Functional area: Organisational resiliance, Cyber security, IT
  • Key concepts: Cyber security awareness training
  • Customisation: High Definition, Custom quality, Localisation, Branding
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Counter Terror Baseline Best Practice Course

Counter terror, Physical security

Ex-head of the National Counter Terrorism Security Office, Chris Philipps, presents this five-part course that gives concise instructions not only on how to respond to an incident but on how to create a security culture at work, at home and when travelling for business. An entry level course for all employees, their families and colleagues.

  • Functional area: Physical security, Counter terrorism
  • Key concepts: Counter terror awareness training
  • Customisation: High Definition, Custom quality, Localisation, Branding
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Incident management
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Critical Incident Response - Logging & Recording

Incident response

As a critical incident evolves before your eyes, follow the hapless Innes up her steep learning curve from being peremptorily drafted into the role of Loggist for her company’s Incident Management Team to ensuring the organisation emerges well from the subsequent official enquiry.

Quick and easy training course for any employee likely to be part of your incident management strategy.

  • Functional area: Physical security, Incident management
  • Key concepts: Critical Incident Response - logging & reporting
  • Customisation: High Definition, Custom quality, Localisation, Branding
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Online training

Learn at your own pace

MaST online learning brings a heritage of Oscar winning expertise in interactive film production to distance learning by providing drama-based e-learning courses.

The engagement level of watching a dramatic mini-series in the potentially onerous online training setting, ensures high trainee uptake and efficacy of learning. As added motivation, courses may be certified as qualifications and count toward CPD hours. Within a single online course, bite-sized episodes of a filmed drama, embedded with key learning outcomes, are followed by online assessments to validate and quantify the learnings.

Filmed content is an ideal delivery mechanism for teaching information that needs to be durably memorised and swiftly recalled.  We work with the concept of dual coding.  Following the ground-breaking University of Western Ontario model, widespread studies have shown that written textual information linked visually to an emotional moment or engaging character will be remembered 10 times longer than spoken or written word learning - and most crucially will be recalled 10 times more effectively when the trainee needs it most.

The courses are sold on a high volume/low cost basis, with the price per ‘seat’ varying depending on the number of seats purchased. The concept has been proven in the market to be highly effective with global contracts for over 300,000 seats already delivered for companies such as HSBC, Barclays and G4S as well as for international and UK Government bodies.

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