Using Business Theatre to learn from the benefit of hindsight

Live scripted encounters for learners to truly experience business interactions.


Cutting edge accelerated learning techniques in the hands of expert trainers can offer your organisation the chance to discover untapped and highly valuable potential. But training is only as valuable as the trainees’ ability to absorb and remember it.


Learning from experience is one of the most durable and impactful ways of learning. We follow the widely-accepted training maxim that positive learning acquired at a moment of emotional engagement will be significantly more durable, and much more efficiently retrieved.


Role play provided by expert role-players gives your team the opportunity to maximise new skills and personal insights, by putting theory into practice in a safe, consistent and appropriate learning environment – rather than in the live business arena, where experiment can be costly! Our role-players are briefed by our own in-house psychologist to ensure that training goes in deeper, stays in longer and is recalled more effectively.

"High impact learning experiences ... worldwide"

Experential learning

Learning from the benefit of hindsight

We provide live encounters for trainees, giving them the opportunity to learn from experience – widely accepted to be the best form of training. We have built up a company of professional roleplay actors briefed in scenario-specific, accurate behaviours by our in-house psychologist, and supported by highly immersive scenario provision. Most are broadly experienced in the corporate world and many have high-level security clearance. By weaving the content of each training session into dramatised scenarios, delegates discover how the theory of what they have learnt actually plays out when they put it into practice in familiar work situations. It gives them a chance to exercise their new skills in a safe learning environment, with one-on-one roleplay directly with the actors. Such a highly immersive and engaging atmosphere makes training much more memorable.

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