More about us

More about us

Our people are our business. Right from our challenging recruitment process we demand high performance that focuses on you, the client.

We have a team of over 20 full time consultants based throughout Britain and a wide network of long-term associate consultants, many of which are based globally.  All of our consultants are experts in their subject areas, are skilled facilitators and have practical business experience so they can quickly understand and adapt to your world.

Our Client Service Team have a wealth of experience working in a range of different ways with our clients from fully managed service to in house placement and including scheduling, logistics, queries and day to day management so that you can rest assured that however you want it done, we will have the experience to deliver.


Global partnerships

MaST International

Our global clients expect consistent global learning and development that works across geographies and cultures. We ensure that your organisational objectives are met across language and cultural boundaries.

MaST understands and manages the complexities of multi country programmes by:

  • Working with our clients to appreciate the cultural nuances of each location
  • Adapting structure and materials to create the greatest impact
  • Delivering results through our local worldwide network of local consultants
  • Our full administration and logistics team – proactively troubleshooting to ensure a smooth delegate experience


MaST’s history and status

MaST has over 40 years of business experience, we are solid enough to have seen businesses through all parts of the economic cycle, and innovative enough to help you focus on the future.

MaST was founded in 1972 and grew rapidly to be a national and international organisation.  During the past decade we have developed our expertise in the crucial area of leadership, helping our clients create a changing culture.  Our head office is in Maidenhead and we have offices in the North of England, Ireland, Singapore and Southern Africa.

MaST’s prestigious clients have particularly come from the Financial Sector, Insurance and global multinationals. This gives us valued experience with cultural adaptations to global programmes. In recent years between 15% – 20% of our revenue is derived from running programmes overseas, particularly in Eastern and Central Europe, SE Asia and the Americas, often in local languages.


Professionalism and quality

MaST’s consultants undertake regular professional development internally and network externally so that their knowledge and skills are kept up to date and the highest standards maintained.

Budgets are provided for external sessions, also external experts conduct sessions on our monthly Learning and Development days.

The consistent quality of consultancy and training that MaST provides is vital to our continued success. All consultants undergo yearly performance reviews: standards, quality and performance form part of this discussion.


International reach

MaST has been an international company for over 30 years and we are experienced at delivering worldwide learning and development. We undertake global projects for several of our clients, some in local languages and others in English.

Our consultants are skilled at flexing training style to meet cultural needs whilst still covering key content to ensure that global consistency is achieved. 

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