MaST Business Forum - What is your 'corporate buzz'? Why reputation matters to you and your team


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MaST Business Forum - What is your 'corporate buzz'? Why reputation matters to you and your team

Tuesday, 13 June, 2017

Novotel Tower Bridge, London


To be successful in today’s complex business environment we need to be able to influence through both formal and informal routes.  How influential we are depends upon our reputation, or ‘corporate buzz’ with our stakeholders, internally and externally to our organisation.


At this MaST Forum we will be exploring how we are perceived by how we, and our team, show up.  We will look at avoiding the cultural and functional pitfalls that hold us back from achieving our potential.


We will share how we can help ourselves, our teams and those we work with to improve both visibility and credibility to be involved in shaping strategy and key decisions rather than merely being expected to implement later on.  These strategies can also help your leaders to understand that their positive ‘corporate buzz’ will galvanise the organisation and inspire everyone in it to achieve their full potential.


This Forum will provide space and time to discuss and develop new approaches in an interactive and challenging environment.


You will benefit from different thinking, challenging discussion and meeting people in both similar and different fields.


Registration from 8.30am          Forum session 9.00am - 11.30am



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